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Are you a student of Synergy University and you need an internship?

To begin with, let's figure out what the Synergy University is, of which you are a student!

One of the largest international universities in the world, whose diplomas are recognized, I'm not afraid of this word "appreciated" in most countries and in the vast majority of the most popular professions.

Even the most prestigious universities cannot boast of such a volume of students.

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When it's time for practical tasks, everyone thinks about it:

  • Where to take a student, pre-graduate internship
  • Is it possible to get all the necessary documents about the internship with real seals from an existing company without coming to the office of this company (remotely)
  • The price of such a service
  • And is it possible to call it "Buy practice"

There is a simple answer to all your questions!

Call us or write to the chat

We will prompt and help you to complete an internship remotely in any city of Russia where there are branches of the Synergy University.